Melbourne based Corin Jacka of Priority1 Wealth Management Group has taken it upon himself to ensure the next generation of Australian kids are prepared financially. Leading by example, Corin is one of the a handful of FPA members to already introduce Banqer to his local school.

Having grown up in Canberra, Corin was drawn to financial planning as it “involved helping people live the life they want to”. Running a successful independent financial planning business has its requirements, yet Corin still manages to volunteer his time to a cause he believes in. Feeling compelled to contribute “because of my passion for financial literacy for everyone.” And Banqer proved a good fit, “When Banqer was brought to my attention I was on board immediately. It already has everything built in that a school could use to help kids start to navigate through the world of personal finance. It was a no brainer to go and get my own children’s school on board and promote it to everyone we could.”

This was the first step Corin took, approaching his own children’s local public school. “The students already had a financial literacy component in their curriculum in which they ran their own small businesses, which I thought Banqer could really enhance. I just approached the staff I knew and it turned out they had heard of Banqer and were interested.”

Most of my students enjoy the aspect of spending money, but they also love to save! They are very engaged and often talk to each other about the financial decisions they’re making. Top savers and those with high net wealth are often asked to explain how they raised their money. The enabling of the interest module lead to lengthy discussions on the positive and negative effects of interest.

But it’s worth understanding the world you’re entering first. Corin notes, “Teachers are busy and it is hard to get time with them however it was worth pursuing as the teachers that came to the demonstration thought it looked exactly like what they needed. They appreciated the fact it was so adaptable, that it could be used at a very basic level as well as more advanced levels and it was lots of fun.”

Corin sees this as just the beginning of an authentic and meaningful relationship with the school, “we have offered the school any assistance they need that we can provide”. He is also excited by the prospect of making a measurable difference in the lives of student. “We are more than happy to talk to students about financial literacy as it is so important for all their futures.”

In terms of the difficulty involved, Corin reinforces the impact you can make without commiting hours of your time, stating it was “not a lot of work for me at all”. He has some advice for anyone still on the fence, “Look at it yourself first. See the potential it would have for your children and grandchildren and how many people you see today could have benefited by having something like it when they were growing up.”

Banqer and helping kids become more financially literate not only fit with Corin’s personal beliefs, but with Priority1’s as well. “One element is our commitment to provide free financial education seminars to groups within the community, such as workplaces, community groups and clubs.” And with Banqer, Priority1 is also able to serve schools in a relevant and engaging way as well.

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